Lydia and Rose are two knitwear design dinguses brought to you by Fine Art Backgrounds ™️ ready to serve you up a bi-weekly entertainment fiasco featuring our good friends: Playlists, Random TV Shows, Knitwear Inspo, Pop Culture, Art Thoughts, and Weird Insider Knowledge About Knitting. Prepare to be amazed in a very medium way over your morning coffee.

We are both artists who work across different mediums and chat a LOT, but we don’t get to share much outside of our knitting work. We wanted to make something that would be a super entertaining, 5 minute (or so) read that could give you a little insight into our process, influences, and stuff that’s on our minds, as well as keeping you up to date with pattern launches etc- we really hope you enjoy!

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Lydia Morrow

Lydia Morrow (she/her) is a knitwear designer and textile artist. She is currently focused on making wearable, creative knitwear patterns with size and body inclusion, excellent fit, and exciting design at the fore.

She makes work around the intersections of neurodivergence, disability gender, and fat liberation. She draws on poetry and superstition- playing with embodiment and communication through garments both on and off the body. In her work, the act of wearing sits parallel to performance where the designer, the maker, the wearer and the garment itself are active participants, combining craft, design, fine art, and community building through knitwear.

Rose Dagul

Rose Dagul (she/they) is a musician and artist based in Glasgow. They make pop songs, textiles and improvisations. Rose likes to make processes visible, in their music-making, performance and pedagogy. They love to collaborate with other artists on generative and ongoing projects. 

Rose co-founded the London-based DIY performance and music platform ‘The Surround’ (2015-2021) and, under the moniker Rhosyn (2010-2020), they were a multi-instrumentalist performer/songwriter They were a cellist and composer with the Peckham Chamber Orchestra (2013-present), a collectively run community orchestra of predominantly string and woodwind instruments. Currently, Rose is a member of the New String Collective, and performs and composes with improv bands Rutger Hauser’ and ‘No Worm’. They are learning to use a Brother KH881 knitting machine and are developing their performance practice to include textile making.  

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Lydia Morrow

Recovering Fine Art Graduate, 27 year old disabled queer doofus in Glasgow 🌟 Knitwear designer/stylist/creative director/artist/fit consultant/anything u want 🌱

Rose Dagul

Also a recovering Fine Art Graduate, living in Glasgow. I make knitwear and music. Aquarius sun, Cancer rising, Virgo moon.